Dude Social Fallacies

Tumblr user SPC Snaptags has compiled a list of “Dude Social Fallacies” – common male behaviours/attitudes that are frustrating, manipulative and threatening to women. These can be divided into three groups: fallacies about sex, fallacies about women’s behavior and fallacies about the man’s own behavior.

1.1 Lesbians and bi women are always interested in a threeway with me and my girlfriend
1.2 If you have done X sexual behavior before, either with me or with someone else, you are obligated to do it with me
1.3 It is acceptable for me to put a down payment on your vagina without telling you that’s what I’m doing. It’s unacceptable for you to accept my gifts but not pay the price, which I didn’t tell you about

2.1 Women should bend over backwards to take care of my feelings
2.1.1. All women should be nice to me, no matter what I do; If I’m “friendly” and “nice,” I’m owed that behavior from others.
2.2 Women Are Never Rejected For Dates And They Cannot Know Our Heartbreak and/or Woman Are Never Turned Down for Sex and Can Have Sex Anytime They Want
2.3 All Women Are the Same
2.3.1 If one woman did a thing, all women must allow the thing, or that makes all women lying hypocrites
2.3.2 If one woman did a stupid or reckless thing, all women are at risk of doing this thing and can’t be trusted
2.3.3 If a woman doesn’t do a thing that all women do, she appreciates being told she’s “not like other women
2.3.4 If most women dislike a thing, but some women don’t mind it, all those other women who dislike it are uptight and wrong

3.1 Every interaction with women is flirting unless proven otherwise
3.1.1 A soft no is not a no
3.1.2 If she didn’t explicitly say no, how was I supposed to know? It’s not like I can read body language and polite social cues.
3.1.3 A woman specifically saying “I’m not interested in you” is just playing hard to get
3.2 Schrodinger’s douchbag
Based on this tweet:

3.3 Lesbians/bi women and women in masculine spaces don’t mind my sexist, dehumanizing jokes and should in fact cheerfully join in
3.4 It is appropriate for me to have boundaries, and to defend them with violence if they are encroached in any way. It is unacceptable for women to have boundaries, and any form of protecting her boundaries indicates that she is unreasonable and unstable
3.5 The best way to interact with women is to prove that you’re better at things than they are, especially if I can prove they are not good at that thing at all
3.6 I would never hit you (but I totally could!)


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