Chicks on Speed

From Timeout Sydney:

Visitors to the new Chicks on Speed installation environment SCREAM will be able to “control” various elements of the exhibition – a riot of projected images, words, sounds and rhythms – wielding and using the gallery-provided iPads like bizarre musical instruments.

The development of the new art-manipulating app, with the assistance of specialist arty-app-maker extraordinaire Jens Barth, was the next logical step in COS’s multi-disciplinary hyperactivity. The SCREAM exhibition reflects their interest in ideas of connectivity and old and new modes of communication. “I love how technology changes the way we look at the world,” says Logan, “and how we relate to animals and how our gadgets become similar to pets.”

From RMIT DesignHub:

SCREAM introduces a multidisciplinary, practice based approach to performance research, blurring the boundaries between pop-music, fashion, performance and film within an experiential interactive installation or GESAMTKUNSTWERK (a total work of art).

SCREAM will see Design Hub dramatically transformed by Chicks on Speed’s explosive collage of images, sounds and objects. The artists will construct a sonic sculptural installation that also acts as an ‘objektinstrument’ (a self-made musical instrument) – a stage, a canvas and playable installation.  SCREAM questions the role of the audience, by empowering the public with tools to participate in Chicks on Speed’s collective jam session. SCREAM’s interactive nature gives rise to several possible outcomes for the artworks, allowing the audience to be ‘co-authors’ in the mix.


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