Alex Garant

Alex Garant is a female artist depicting surreal images of other women in oil portraits where facial features are multiplied and offset from one another. This distortion of eyes, noses, and mouths makes her realistic-looking subjects appear unfocused as their bodies are combined with geometric patterns and Art Nouveau-esque flourishes.

Besides the blurred-vision portraits, Garant has less dizzying works where women simply have an extra set of eyes. Noses, mouths, and other attributes remain the same. In some of these images, she’s fused graphic, decorative designs with their skin that are reminiscent of tattoos.

Garant finds inspiration in early ink printing, vintage pop surrealism, baroque tapestries, and retro kitsch. And although the portraits use traditional oil painting techniques, they feel contemporary and fresh.

I love how unsettling these are to look at! Aesthetic goals: make the audience uncomfortable


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